Zach| Metro Detroit Premier Portrait Photographer

Zach is such a good big brother to his younger brother and sister! It was a joy to work with a boy who wasn't dead set against photos!! lol He was a good sport and not one complaint! We will take your photos anyday if its this easy! Senior Portraits are just around the corner, we would be glad to have you back!! 


Cookies And Milk| Macomb County Photographer

There's no better way than Cookies to get your kids smiley for photos!!! 

I have been meaning to do this session for quite some time now! Most photographers actually cast children for model calls for their ads. However, I'm a mom too! As a photographer sometimes I am so busy photographing everyone else that its hard to make time to plan our own photos. So using my own daughter not only makes it easier on me, but helps give us our own photos too!! More often than not, Its never planned. Actually, I will say can we do a five minute photo shoot,  we just have to run to the corner real fast! Mostly, I get sure mom. If there is hesitation- I bust out with bribery! haha

If you like these photos and want to book a session, contact us today and lets get you scheduled! 



Sometimes, there just aren't enough hours in a day for me to be able to cast a model and meet them to shoot a promo! Luckily, I have this cute little secret weapon, (Our daughter), Kenley! She is always a good troop about helping me out! In fact, she often will have an idea and say "We should be a photoshoot". My response- "You don't have to tell me twice, lets go" ...and so we did! 

Here a few shots we got the other evening! 



Americana Session | Macomb County Portrait Photographer

I can't even express how excited I am to share these with you all!

Oh this diva! She has been such a happy camper to model for me lately.  Actually, more often than not, she is calling me out for not taking enough photos of her!  

We are offering these sessions through June! If you like these photos and would like to book a session, Contact us at



MOMS! They are GREAT! 

I mean, they basically do everything for us, right? So this Mother's Day show your appreciation for her by offering a special gift! 

Did you know we offer gift cards?

Mothers Day is quickly approaching! A gift card is the perfect last minute gift for Mom. Whether it be an updated family photo, photos of her and her children/grandchildren- it's the perfect gift that will be something special she will remember for a lifetime! 

Gift cards, are valid one year from their issue date and can be used towards any type of session. Appointments scheduled in advance are required. If you have any questions please feel free to shoot us an email at

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